60 Posts and 1.5 Years of Blogging

I just saw that the last post I’ve published was the 60th and it seemed a lot to me. I took a scroll through all of them from the beginning and could see how the topics and the style changed, just as I experienced more stuff.

I’ve started the blog because of a small Need to be important.

Then I’ve tackled work subjects that were close to my daily growing up process and that I wanted to share with others: Assumptions and expectations, how to screw everythingA story with a Product Owner , Goodbyes, Itsi-bitsie and handovers , Fake it, till you make itTaking things personallyDon’t let a week go away without a major F*** up! , Bitching and whining ….

Then I’ve started mixing languages and sometimes felt good with Romanian and sometimes with English: The Ultimate guide to survive a Hate day , Nici macar internetul nu te poate ajuta… , Buying shoes like a Project Manager ,O cezariana si 215kmBucuria unui rotunjor. So at a certain point only Romanian felt all right, because I was not working anymore and using way less English and way more “Gugu-gaga” language.

I’ve spent a couple of hours in total looking at the hit rates and views and trying to figure out what are the good topics that are most followed and ended up with no idea of what you might like. So I’ve given up trying to also please you because I think it is a strange lottery of the time of the day and day of the week when I hit the Publish button that automatically takes the post to Facebook and from there all the magic happens. And so, not strangely some of my favourite posts are on the bottom of your list, like this one for example: Boil, boil and BOOM!

Dear friends, may you have a sunny and not muddy Castle weekend and take this post as it should be taken: as pure advertisement and a smaller need to be important, not as a 6AM nostalgic moment 😉