3AM thoughts on happiness

My mum asks me from time to time a thing that I find rather annoying: Are you happy? And I answer her that: Yesss, I am happy. How could she think I am not happy? I’ve got a nice house, an adorable family, a nice job, I have almost no health problem…all is rocking my way.

Today at 3AM at the 5th time of waking up for the night I’ve asked myself: Why did I make another baby, all was getting so easy before it? But looking at him he had such a happy and pleased face that I recalled my mum asking me: Are you happy?

While eating a forbidden Nutella on a slice of black bread I thought: this is how happiness tastes like and wondered if there was no Nutella and no bread would I be capable of creating happiness out of thin air? Would I be able to be happy if I had almost nothing of what I have now? I would say yes, but my yes is very much altered by my current life and mind that it would be an elusive yes. Thinking positive is easy when there are not many problems on your mind.

You see, we are as society at the point when our basic needs for food, shelter and safety are fulfilled. We have good jobs, arts, ways to spend time, there is nothing really that we are deprived of, so talking about happiness is almost hypocrisy.
Giving lectures on how to be happy when you have almost all you need is rather stupid and being unhappy in such favorable conditions is almost a disease of the brain in my view. And still many of us are so unhappy, always running away from what could make them unhappy instead of running toward what could make them happy.
I had a friend who would not dive in and fall in love head over heels because she was afraid of how it will hurt if the guy was not what she wanted. So, never she could reach that state where you know you are so high in love that your heart could explode.

I heard the other day a local “star” telling how she went to an Indian ashram for 2 weeks to find out that she does not need to be connected daily with her phone and she could live without it happily for longer periods of time. And I thought, this is again incredibly stupid. Do we really need to change 2 planes and fly for almost a day to one of the largest poorest population mass on earth, stay in incredible heat and eat only vegetables to find out basic truths about how to be happy? Why not take a trip to a village in Romania, where being poor is the norm and eating bread and onions is the daily detox diet.

This post has almost no logic, it is just a bit of me being a bit upset on the world and how we create problems where they do not exist just to keep us busy..

And to my mum: I am happy, very happy, don’t worry! Cause my happiness is made of morning coffees on the balcony, changing explosive diapers in the night, drawing cars in the afternoon, making tea in the evening and many other insignificant little things that make up my short and daily life. A new car would make me happier for about 1 week, but no longer than that. If it is a Carrera it will make me happy for 5 years at least! 😉

One thought on “3AM thoughts on happiness

  1. happiness has nothing to do with need :). Even if in the current world most of our basic needs are taken care off (let’s say 1/2 population), happiness is not linked to having what you want, that is just a moment “high”.

    Good to know you like carrera’s, you can now buy a miniature set for the small ones :-p


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