1 year, 2 months and a few days

Tomorrow is my last day in office before a llloooonnnnggggg holiday ( that I am enthusiastically waiting for) and today while cleaning my desk I went through a lot of notebooks and papers and of course a bit of nostalgia kicked in. I started thinking about the rollercoaster that this year has been and if I’ve learned something that I want to remember for my future work.

I thought to make a list and put them up here so maybe when my holiday is done I will not walk the same path again. Some are things that I’ve experienced on my skin and some I’ve seen from a closer distance. Putting them down does not mean I’ve learned and I am proficient in making it good, it means only that I’ve seen it and know how it should be done. I still horribly suck at most of them.

  • If you have been very good in your previous positions it does not mean you will be good in a high management position. It is a totally different game.
  • When you have strong principles and you follow them, do not expect popularity.
  • Exceptions from rules become the norm. And then you’ll start rolling in chaos and everybody will want to be an exception.
  • If there are rules and you do not agree with them; fight for change otherwise apply them and do not whine that you do not agree but these are the rules.
  • Recognise and apologize for your mistakes no matter to whom. It may seem as vulnerability but in fact it is fairness.
  • To have as main goal to be a loved manager is foolish. First, strive to be a fair, wise, open and constant manager.
  • Do not expect to be motivated by anyone else except yourself.
  • Consciously not handling a problem will only make it bigger; it will not make it go away in time.
  • Toxic attitudes and lack of trust can twist any good intention or deed.
  • Trust is not asked for and given. It is gained by actions.
  • Fearlessly facing any situation and discussion with a mindset that you can only learn from it, will teach you more than hiding; even if it might be hard and hurt.
  • Nobody can put you down except yourself.
  • You need a hard team with which to calibrate, debate and find best ways, even if this means being trashed and your ego hurt. Lonely wolves do not survive.
  • You need to constantly grow the people next to you so when you are gone the entire structure will still work and move on.
  • There can be 100 interpretations to your words and they depend not only on what you say but also on the receiver’s mind, receiver’s friends, receiver’s boy/girlfriend, receiver’s mother, receiver’s ex-boss…..
  • Sometimes the health of an organism depends also on painfully losing some parts of it.
  • Opinions are easily made by classic gossip at any level, no matter of the professionalism you expect.
  • Judging is always easier than helping to find another solution.
  • Knowing what you are good at is an equal important information as knowing what you suck at.
  • Having no long term plans will get you to only do fire fighting; which will eventually waste all your time so you will not have time for plans.
  • A mistake is a mistake, it does not change your name, your intentions or your value.
  • People will always be more comfortable to wine and bitch than to face you and ask for explanations.

And here I stop before I become a fountain of boring and useless wisdom, but man it was a nice ride and I’ve felt like a little kid all the way!

Goodnight and probably farewell for a while;)