A book not so easy to read

I was strolling the other day through a bookshop when I saw a very thick book with nice covers called: The most beautiful bible stories. Hmm, beautiful bible stories, never thought of the bible as a possible collection of beautiful stories but rather a collection of verses pretty hard to read and understand. The note from the writers said that they collected the most beautiful stories of the Old Testament and they translated and retold them in prose.

I though hmm, Old Testament… are there stories without a harsh punishing God? The New Testament would have been more intriguing, but I said that it is time to stop speaking from pure ignorance and start reading. The nice covers were also an incentive that I could not escape.
I started reading and while passing through the Genesis and Cain and Abel stories I felt that I could not enjoy the reading. My mind kept saying to me: Come onnn, how can you read this?; This is pure non-sense… Then I reached other stories and God seemed so out of love and kindness that I was fronting all the way and fighting with the book.

I then realized that the fact that I looked at this book as a possible explanation to our presence was the fault. You would not read an astronomy book with the same incentive in your mind, even though the purpose might be the same. With this in mind I just relaxed and tried to read it as if I would read a Science Fiction book and it seemed to start flowing and become quite enjoyable. It is like reading the Greek mythology, just taking what resonates with you and give no meaning to the rest.

I hope I will not get thunderstruck after publishing this 🙂