Boil, boil and BOOM!

Do you know what boils faster than water? Blood.

Do you know when it boils faster than water? When you feel your ideas, principles or doings are being attacked.

Do you know when it boils faster than usually? When it is done in public.

Do you know how to realise you’re boiling? Increased heart rate, hot ears, burning face, shortage of breath, sweating, rapidly stating explanations or means to attack back, clustered-like mind.

Do you know what to do when it happens? Take a toilet break, have a talk with yourself in the mirror that “it is nothing personal and surely something you can learn from” and deal with it the next day.

Do you know what not to do all the remaining day and night? Think about it 😉

Realistically possible to control and not BOOM: Hard and depending on situation.

Rather useless post: Highly probable

Fun to write: Yes. Just found out a lot of people are interested in what boils faster: plain water, water with salt or water with sugar or juice… Just google it.

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