The right and simple inspiration

We’ve held a training yesterday as part of one of our internal training programs and it was about Power. Our very talented Cristina and Mirela planned it all up and came with some exercises and a good lecture about the true Power within anybody, not necessarily a leader, that is capable of influencing others around us.

One of the exercises was to think of a person that influenced you in someway and that you want to talk about. The rest of the group had to figure out whom that was. It could be a public person, somebody from work or somebody from personal life, anybody that left a mark on the others life. It was a difficult one and it took a while until somebody had the courage to come in front of the group and talk.

And then something amazing happened: I heard touching stories about fathers, mothers, grandmothers, close friends and mentors that shaped and left a mark on the other’s life. I heard stories of great courage, great strength and great values applied in daily life and there was a general feeling of: “This is how I want to be when I grow up”. I loved that there was no great writer or public personality, but a lot of anonymous titans that are part of that vast mass of forever unknown to any book or TV or public speaking event that silently shape who we are.

So, THANK YOU guys! I came out of the training much richer and happier then walked in, with the thought that if you’ll do at least what you see in your models, you won’t need any training as you will become leaders, anyway!