Prince Charming and Princess Perfect

Do you know the song Grace from The View? Probably not, not many do, but I like a lot The View and their weird accent, makes me feel in college again and wanting to go to a disco.

But this post is not about The View, it is actually about something I was thinking this morning while waking up the first in the house with this song in my mind. I made a coffee for my husband, picked up dirty dishes and put them in the sink, stumbled on some clothes on the floor, saw the floor dirty from uncleaned shoes, heard the snoring from the bedroom and thought ” Oh my, Prince Charming from 5 years ago has left the building and I got a snoring sleepy oversize and furry feline in the bedroom.”

Then I went to brush my teeth and looked in the mirror and my face was not so slim as it used to be 5 years ago, not to talk about my body, there are little lines under my eyes and my skin has a new food allergy rash that makeup will not be able to cover and I thought “Oh my, Princess Perfect has never been in the building” and started laughing on these silly thoughts.

Know why? Because there is a smile in my head everyday when I wake him up with fresh coffee and there is a warm hug I get when doing so, and these are just enough to keep me going for another 5 years. I do not give a shit about the rest of the ordinary things, cause this thing going on is extra-ordinary and should be kept at that level. 😉

We tend to forget so easily about the good, easy and fun parts and we have such a perfect eye for every little mistake that I am amazed that Disney is still able to produce fairy tales with happy endings and people still buying tickets to see them.

So, go home, smile and hug somebody. If you are not able to smile, than leave and find something else. Go search for the extra-ordinary not for the Princes and Princesses.

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