Take your advice and shove it up your ass

I rarely talk about work problems at work and usually with a couple of people. I rarely talk about personal problems and usually with one close friend. This is a type of discretion that I retain for myself and I do not want to loose, but it is also a type of protection. Very little people understand that talking about problems of any type is a way of therapy and a mean to clear my head and find a solution on my own.

If I start talking about an issue and receive an advice without asking for it then my mind blocks and fights the wisdom coming from others. So when I need help I usually start with: I need an advice… Very very few people learned this, because when advice pours in without being asked for; I do not fight it back verbally. Giving advice gives the smart-ass a great feeling not only about himself but also because he can be of help to you; so I let it be and choose to avoid such subjects until I really need advice.

Being like this I refrain from giving advice also and I did it pretty good until recently when I’ve heard myself pouring wisdom out of my small brain and when I realized it I panicked.
And this evening while talking to my Infinitely-Knowledgeable-and-Fountain-of-Advice-Beloved-Mum I saw the cause. And it is simpleeeee: the older you get, the more experience you gain, the smarter you think you are and you have the given right from the mighty God to help the other small ones! It is pure charity, almost like giving money to poor people! Not sure if somebody did not do a brain study about this, only to find out that giving advice activates the Serotonin secretion area in the brain.

Is it mature behavior to hate requested advice? Nope! But you know how people learn? After hitting their head 3 times on the same door and they will probably always remember it.
Is it efficient? Nope! But it is effective in the growing up process.

My personal conclusion (good or bad…have no idea..): I’ll take my advice and shove it up my ass until I see that you hit the same door three times and don’t do anything about it or when you cannot afford hitting the door more times.