The Ultimate guide to survive a Hate day

Do you know what a Hate Day is? Oh no, you don’t, cause you are the best human being and the nicest colleague ever and the purest joy thinker. Right? 🙂

For those like me who are not the incarnation of human-love, a Hate day looks like this:
– you go to bed being pissed on somebody and you wake up being pissed on everybody
– each person you encounter and has something to say it is either stupid or incredibly stupid
– the worst drivers in the world are all on your way to work
– all time spent in meetings is a total waste for you where everybody thinks he is too smart and need to add to the subject just to hear himself
– you see your life passing by each second and ask yourself “why am I here”?
– you go home and not even your kid is the apple of your eye
– you go to bed praying that tomorrow you will not hate everybody, just somebody

A day like this is like a total brain cluster, people you liked before suddenly show only faults and you start to even hate yourself for liking them…

Now, this day happens sometimes. At least for me, about 3-4 times per year and I’ve learned to just let it be and dive in hate; but in order to survive that day you must learn some things:
1. Talk as little as possible
2. Avoid people as much as possible
3. In case you might talk, do not expose ideas. If they are challenged you might fight back pretty nasty
4. Do not look anybody in the eye, they will see the hate
5. Do not try to eat your way out of it, sweets and coffee only make it worse
6. Take NO decisions and I really mean NOOOOOO decisions
7. Do not take part in debates, negotiations, feedback sessions….just reschedule them
8. Bite your tongue, literally, or use some trick to stop you from talking and still release pressure, like pitching yourself 🙂
9. Breath! Breath! Breath!
10. The next day it will go away, if not.. seek medical advice 😉

May we all be calm and find serenity!

3 thoughts on “The Ultimate guide to survive a Hate day

  1. Am simtit de dimineata, de aceea nu am zis nimic😊. Smart enough?😜 Sper sa treaca repede ziua, iar cea de maine sa fie…magnifica😘


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