A tango with loneliness

This will be an odd post. It is about loneliness as a choice.

As you might know Cluj’s Musical Fall has started and there are a lot of nice concerts if you enjoy classical music and not only. This evening is a Tango evening so I was excited to come. My son said he does not want to come and as our loved friend and usual nanny is a fresh mum, I knew my husband had to stay with Hori.

So, I came alone and it felt like a natural choice. I had no eagerness to go search for somebody to come as I wanted no conversations, no waiting for somebody at the entrance, no debriefing discussion afterwards.., just listen to good music.

I came on a nice trip with the bus, bought some chestnuts and strolled slowly to the music place. I sit down and I start to hear at least 3 interesting conversations next to me.

One guy behind that will have a non-invasive intervention to search for possible heart problems and he is terrified that he might die. A friend of his died on a basic intervention some time ago with no logic or reason and he is annoyed the lady next to him tries to comfort him.

Two ladies sit next to me and discuss about a young woman that has an interesting life. They talk in a nice french and it sounds like they are used to it. The french lady they were discussing about arrives and she tries to talk to them in Romanian while they answer in French. They now talk about Blaga and romanian music and a lot of simple and annoying things, so I move away from their conversation.

One very old lady in the back came alone as her partner could not come and she gave her extra ticket to somebody else who was alone. Now they chit-chat and they seem very happy.

Tens of interesting stories reveal next to me and it is like stealing a bit of their lives and I smile to myself telling me that loneliness is sometimes a great choice. A moment of looking outside to total strangers and continuing their stories in your head.

But now there should be silence as Tango is the star of the evening.