Busy bee

I am always busy or I feel that I am always busy.  This week I’ve watched the Jungle Book with my son and there is a part where Baloo tells Mowgli this:  ‘Cause let me tell you something, little britches: if you act like that bee at… Uh-uh. You’re working too hard.’  And I kind of like bees, I liked thinking I am a bee, but put into Baloo’s eyes it’s a ‘Uh-Uh’. I decided I dislike Baloo! 😉

This week I had to keep half of day free because I was waiting for a meeting with an uncertain time and I found myself in front of my PC without my mind rushing through “What needs to be done now?”  and with plenty of time on my hands. Nothing scheduled: no tasks, no meetings, no emails to write, just plain nothing.

So I had the time to look at the technical blogs I used to follow, to read an article I wanted to read for a long time, to search for a course I wanted to attend, to clean up my inbox, to go for a coffee in the Lounge area with a colleague I did not had time to catch up lately and the time was going so slow around me, like it had a different speed all together than normally. After 2 hours of this momentum my bee-mind knocked on my door and said: “Don’t you feel you’re wasting time? There are some tasks from tomorrow that you could pick today. You never know what tomorrow will bring, so better to tackle them today!!!!” And I started working on those.

Why? It is simple: being busy is an addiction! From a certain point you start to need the busy-ness as it gives you the needed arousal to be efficient and to feel that your day was fully used and not wasted. It gives you an alert pace that keeps your mind on the edge all the time, you do not have time to get tired, because you cannot afford it with how much you have to do.

Busy-ness feeds itself continuously. As an example: in my 2 free hours I had the time to think of a couple more tasks outside my area of work that I could pick up. I realise now I will hardly have time for them next weeks due to the coming schedule, but at that moment I was looking for being busy and efficient.

And autocorrect just amazed me with intelligence. It corrected busyness to business!!!

Is it good or bad? Probably bad sometimes, good sometimes. The interesting thing is that I usually compensate, the bee at work is the Baloo at home. I did not even move the dirty dishes from the sink to the washing machine, I am going just for the bear necessities and waiting to have no more clean cups before doing that 😉