The beauty of coaching

I like coaching, I like it a lot! I like being coached and coaching also.

Being coached because it’s great to know that for 1h per week you can talk about your problems and somebody listens and tries to help you. When you are down you know somebody can change your perspective and show you things are easier than they seem and when there are no problems even then it’s great, because you just meet and say : ” everything is going great” and then the session seems useless and this makes you feel good.

As a coach knowing that you are exposed to various situations that you might not encounter in your daily work is a great gain; you can learn while trying to help. Also bringing a fresh and outside look into the matters can lead to interesting shifts in perception and can remove the emotions attached to the event.

I’ve coached a few people till now and I am very proud of them. Sometimes I hear somebody talking about them in good words and I smile to myself thinking ” I did that!” and I feel proud of myself too. After this selfish thought I slap myself. As this is a lie.

Imagine the fat belly coach that sits next to the athlete and gives advices: now run faster, now slower, now breath, now give me 4 laps. Could he do that? Could he ever reach that performance? Hmm, not so sure.

So, when I think “I did that” and my inner goddess glows in joy, right the next moment I have to slap myself, cause I have no idea if I would be capable of the same performance. Sometimes there are tough discussions going on and I give an advice to take the bull by the horns and go talk with a difficult person or go tell the client it is not doable. I just give the advice as I know it is what should be done. Would I be able to do it in the same manner? Sometimes yes, sometimes no, sometimes I am so emotionally involved that I do not even see the solution myself.

And here I find the beauty of coaching: you just believe in the potential of the other and help them reach performance. It is not you doing it, you are just enabling their strength and help them focus on their goals. Without their capabilities and their strength you would be useless. And sometimes I take back this strength and achievements with me after the sessions, because they help me and I can reference to them when I am in similar situations. I would say that coaching is in fact bi-directional, even it is does not look like.

It is just plain beautiful 😉