Management bullshit

Today, I was told in a conversation that management is full of bullshit and people had enough of it. It is not personal, maybe it is not my case, but generally management is bullshit. I could not fight with such thoughts as they were above my image of myself, but I took some time to think about it.

What if I’ve become a manager of this type? Just 9 months ago I was a Team Leader, which was pretty good and liked by the teams, I was a coach that was appreciated for her help, I was a trainer which gave quite a lot of good trainings and I was generally seen as a nice and trustworthy person. Have I gone mad in 9 months? Have I changed from that into a bullshit manager? Oh my…it might be so, or maybe it is the job description. But wait, I am a Director, not a Manager! 🙂

Leaving aside the joke I thought that in a new role, of course, I make mistakes. I realise at a certain point I fucked up, I apologize and I redo my wrongs. But what is interesting here is people’s perception. If as a developer I would have made a major bug that got into production, I would have stayed the night in the office, fix it and move on. My colleagues would not spend the next day talking what a crappy developer I am, but rather accept that I’ve made a mistake. As a manager the effect of a mistake is of a total different magnitude, it is suddenly considered as an attitude or a character issue.

For example: if I think that somebody does me wrong, immediately I think that the other one hates me and he sucks, the fact that he could be making a mistake or I might have misunderstood something is no where in my thoughts. But why? And here is the answer: because somewhere in our life, maybe multiple times even, we’ve meet crappy managers; so of course all of them are the same! And this is still fine, until you realise that you said crappy manager, not a crappy person doing a manager’s job or an ok person doing a job in a crappy way. You associated the attribute to the position, so if somebody fills in the position, then it might take the attribute also.

More than this the manager holds 3 keys that make him  sometimes loved and sometimes hated: the ax, the salary and the promotion. He is seen as the authority that will undoubtedly try to use these keys in his best interest and not in yours. But what could his interests be? I cannot see a better measurement of his success than having good qualified and happy colleagues that have interesting projects to work on.

And then I thought further about the given situation: if people think that all managers are crappy then I have almost no chance to prove else in a short to medium time span, due to the little contact I get to have with some of them. If I never before worked with them in my previous contexts then they don’t know me; so there are little chances I can get at least a “starting from 0” situation. It will always be “starting from minus” and the minus can be 100 or 10 depending on the other’s previous experiences.

Still my last thought in this random flow is: there is a high chance I might be a crappy and a bullshit manager and I am just finding intelligent and complex excuses. I can always rely on my brain for loving and comforting me 😉

Posting this might also be a mistake that is in the range of madwoman, not bullshit manager!