I didn’t know!

I just had a revelation! Probably the simplest excuse in the world that saves your ass both from your critical mind and from your superiors is to simply say: ‘I did not know!’. And I am talking about the case when this is true.
When you astonishingly find out for the first time about that thing and you are also blown away.
Like for example:’ I did not know he was having an affair.Yes, he came late and was always busy, but he had a lot of work. I did not think he could be lying’. I did not want to use any job related example and as I am also familiar with this case I thought it was better and kinkyer.

And then my mind replied to all these cases: Why the fuck you did not know? Why you did not see the signals? Why you did not ask as many questions as possible? Why you settled for small explanations? Why you did not get information from multiple sources? Why you did not move closer to the situation?
I do not have a good eye for risks, neither for looking for what goes wrong. I belive that we all try our best and are good willed, so I do not question a lot. Claudia said I am naive and if this is the word for it then she is damn right. But I am not sure it is enough, I think it is also a way of thinking, a continuous need to know things and understand them and only then be in peace because you know a lot versus just scratching the surface and being in peace that you did it. And suffering from the disease of yourself not seeking to know more is the shittiest thing possible and nobody is going to find any treatment for you!

Only one conclusion to my revelation: Not knowing is not an escuse, just helps you sleep better!