A man with a mission

I’ve been for 3 days this week at a training program and I had a nice chance to met a marvelous man. Not the trainers, not the dutch colleagues, but our host.

We were lucky to be hosted by Tasuleasa Social and for a brief hour we could listen to Alin Useriu and his story of Tasuleasa. I am not going to tell you about the impressive story and what he managed to do, but about him as far as I could see in that short time.

He had a calm, slow voice and well picked words, a sort of modesty and a decency that capture your attention. There was a fire in his eyes when talking about kids and how they need real education not only financial help. There was a well disguised anger in his voice when telling about how much wood was illegally cut by only several rangers.
He switched from romanian to english to german in order to answer as many questions as possible and to make his guests understand his mission.
He welcomed us in his piece of heaven even if we were not volunteers, nor were there to help his mission and in the last day he came and thanked us for our visit, when we were the ones that should have thanked.

And that was all, not more than one hour all together that make you realise how small and insignificant you are.

Chapeau bas, mr. Useriu!