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I am going to tell you a mind trick I’ve learned the past week and I found to be very helpful for me. But, you have to promise you will do this for 1 week and then tell me how it went; otherwise I am not saying anything!;)

In rough times I tend to make my problems bigger than they are and think there is nothing going good and then I simply get more and more miserable each day on my own. Sounds familiar?
So, I was given a challenge: track your happiness for 1 week only! Each evening write down the things that made you laugh and feel good during the day, no matter of them.

Why this could work?
1. Doing it in the evening, before you go to sleep, gives you a nice feeling of the day, good for your brain and good for your sleep.
2. Writing down gives your brain a sense of importance of what is written and emphasises more that information.
3. You can always revisit your happiness by looking into the notes when you need so.

Below is my Happy track for a part of the last week. Totally silly and fun and writing it down now makes me laugh. Now, bare in mind this is MY list, so you are not allowed to say: “What total bullshit of happiness reasons!”

1. A dried cactus! How can somebody kill a cactus? That was made by a higher force so that careless people can still believe they can take care for a plant!
2. Taking a shortcut when being late, that after 5 minutes of going around took me to the same main road.
3. Eating strawberries that taste like strawberries.

1. Finding out I was driving for 2 weeks on a one way road without meeting any car and without even knowing it.
2. Skyping Cristina, when wanting to skype Marius and then searching why Marius did not reply and not finding what I wrote.. Strange feeling

1. My kid for the first time on a bicycle.
2. My kid hitting, for the first time, his bicycle because he felt down.
3. Discovering a new band that sounds super cool.

1. SOCATA! First one for this year!
2. Allergy kicking in when doing the “socata” because of the elderflower.
3. My kid giving me his vitamins so that I stop sneezing.

….. and so on…..

The latest of today:
Writing this post and accidentally closing the browser without saving it. I had no idea there was a combination of keys that could do that. I still have no idea what the combination is, but it surely works ok.:)

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