Don’t let a week go away without a major F*** up!

This will not be a funny post!

Funny is only the title and what Google returns at a search after these words. Urban Dictionary:  “fuck up = Pretty much an accurate description of the Presidency of George W. Bush. “. This is hilarious!

In a few months they can change it to: “Pretty much an accurate description of the time Ruxandra Banici was DD.” 🙂 🙂 🙂

I will not wine and I will not tell you my weekly f*** up, but it could be an idea to have a category only about this and keep track of it! What I will do is tell you something I was taught today ( one of many things, but this one could also help you). Here it goes:

We are emotional creatures. We have a rational brain, but sadly it serves the emotions.

We stay rational and can react to rational facts as long as we are emotional neutral to the situation.

When we get emotional and we have a strong opinion/feeling about something/someone our rational brain will find explanations and facts that will support our emotion.

It was explained to me using an example about being in love. No matter of  the bad things the other one does, if we are in love, our rational brain will find the perfect “logical” explanation to sustain our emotion. We will be convinced that we are right and that we took a rational decision.

I am sure it can be explained better, but the essence is in there. So, today not only I learned I messed it again, but also I learned my brain is designed to also do this to me!

So, I was more relaxed because I found the perfect “logical” explanation of my doings. It was not me! It was my brain, he went wild and done some things and said some things, I was not even there, IT WAS NOT ME!


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