Some handy Scrum stuff

I’ve seen Adam Weisbart at two Scrum Gatherings and liked a lot what he has to say and how he says it. I follow his site and from time to time you can find very helpful resources there.

“Build your own Scrum” is one I used a lot of times in my trainings as starting point to understand the existing way of working and culture of a team.

“The Scrum kick-off planner” is a great team start-up guide for both team members and also for beginner Scrum Masters.

As Adam states: “The following guide is meant to give your group some basic questions to consider when forming (or rebooting) your team. Print out a copy for each team member, block out some time, and sit down together to fill it out. The main purpose of this planner is to foster collaboration and communication. Like a good User Story, it’s meant to encourage conversation.”

Check it out! It is quite useful!

He is also founder of a nice initiative called “The Agile AntiPatterns project” meant to gather real situations in projects that are breaking the core principles of Agile.

And he is also cute… What can you want more than that?


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