Thoughts on leadership

I have no clear definition of what a leader is, I just feel the presence in the room. I cannot explain it, but I feel the crowd moving at a word coming from a leader.
The crowd moves not because of the high tonality or the bossy presence, but because the leader makes sense to them, makes something inside of them listen to him. It has a reasoning or a charisma that makes them follow, even if they might go in the wrong direction.

The great leader realizes at a point that he is not a one-men show and he gives to the team the power they need to trust in themselves and pick the path alone. I have seen this week an example of a very risky team empowerment that proved to me that a leader is a long term thinker, that sees the whole picture and that can take risky decisions just to help the team grow.

One more thing I’ve learned this week and I think is a great leader asset is clear and detailed communication. I often rush into many things and do not have time to explain my reasoning and the blanks I do not fill in, the others fill for me and the explanation I do not do, the other do for me. Situations that appear clear from one side are many times unclear from the other side. Words said easily and without detailing can create incredible mess. And this can get dangerous when emotions are also attached to it.

And the last thing I learned today: if, as a leader you are the last one to find out you are doing a bad job than you are actually doing a terrible job. This is a measure of how open you are to the others and how safe they feel to come and talk to you.

For me, for now, these are the measures of leadership: strategic thinking, clear communication, open mindedness, people centrism and powerful presence.

What are yours?