North Stars

I had a short chat with Anca today (which I miss a lot) and after talking to her I started thinking about the people that shape who we are and that leave a great fingerprint on our career.

I than took a short walk on memory lane and thought about the people that shaped my career and their roles in it. They know who they are; so I am not going to write a tribute to them, but I’d rather want to talk about choosing a role model.

I think that during our professional life we tend to choose role models, some people that we admire and we want to be like when we grow up. We do this unconsciously and when they exit our premises we go in search for another model, because we need somebody to look up to and to drive the change in us.

I fear that when you do not pick somebody to guide you and to provide feedback on a long term relation; you might start running in all directions and follow advice and complaints coming from all places. This means that you end up analyzing your actions using a lot of different views and perceptions, some of which might be of no help. It is like trying to get home not by following the North Star, but by rather following all possible stars on the sky.

I guess we all need some type of mentor ship, a few rare but valuable North Stars that help us get where we want faster.

I could not advise on how to choose these North Stars, but for sure they must be people that sometimes you love, sometimes you hate; but most of the time you just cannot wait to be around them. What I would dare to say is that the North Star is up, not down next to you; it is really higher( and please do not understand higher in company hierarchy 😉 )

So, I dare you to look at your career and choose how you want to be when you grow up!


And totally off topic: THANK YOU for helping me reach a mental milestone on this blog: 1000 views!