Me and 70.000 people

Do you know what me and 70.000 people have in common? We’ve all been yesterday here:

My first ever LIVE rugby game at Stadio Olimpico de Roma! And it was incredible!!! Not because of the quality of the game, frankly the Italians are not in their best season, but the atmosphere, oh my!

A few days before, I’ve visited the Colosseum and there I learned how people went to the games, like at a pick nick: with sandwiches, barbecue, sleeping in the sun, entire family having a jolly time.  Pretty much like this:


And you know something, the game yesterday felt just the same! Only without the barbecue.

Now, the game: Around 2 hours prior to the game start a huge crowd descended the Vatican metro station, not to go visit the museum, but to go to the stadium. All around us it was full of Italians and Brits; all colored and cheerfuller going to the game! I saw families with 2 year old babies, old people who barely dragged their feet, even grandparents with parents and children talking about the possible winners, whom they placed bets on and how bad Italy is playing 🙂

Around half of hour prior to the start the stadium was full, and all around us were almost only Brits. The only Italians in the first 15 rows of lane 48 were: us, 2 guys on the right and 4 guys behind us, so I thought “Oau, this will not be good.”

The game starts and all the Italians raise up to sing their anthem. We raised with them. And this was the incredible moment: we sang from our entire heart, almost yelling, knowing that the team had less than 0 chances, knowing we were not Italian, knowing that we might get beaten and at the end the Brits looked at us and applauded. I got shivers on my spine, I was part of a nation of rugby fans!

Then it all went easy, when Italians were attacking I was on my feet yelling: “Ma dai dai dai”. When they were failing I was covering my face: “Ma nooooooo”. But I managed to stop at: “Vaffancullo”, which only one very pissed off guy was saying.

After that we jumped into the plane and came home. But after 5 marvelous days in Rome all that played in our heads last night was:

Fratelli d’Italia
L’Italia s’č desta
Dell’elmo di Scipio
S’č cinta la testa !