Urban Spa Miracle


I’ve received my car as a nice gift from my parents back in 2008 when going through some very rough times. Since then I did not adjust to the idea that the car is part of my life and myself being dependent on it. For a long time after I had it I still went by foot, by bus or by bicycle. Even now I take the bus whenever it is an alternative as it gives me a nice feeling of adolescence, soon to become a nice feeling of retirement.

Everything related to the maintaince of my car is a great source of satisfaction for me. Taking it to yearly revision makes me feel equally good as finishing a succesfull sprint.

Today my kid looked at my car and said: ” Mum, our car is dirty. Let’s wash it.” So we went to the Urban Spa. For me that is the equivalent of 2 minutes of pure joy. Giant brushes and flying soap that make my car shine. Horia is delighted by the process, I am delighted by the result. I am the happiest kid on the block cause I washed my car. This is kind of strange, isn’t it? And the explanation came in around 2 hours.

My mum calls me a bit later and I give her the report about our car washing and astonished she says: “You? Alone? Did you manage?”  HAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA I say to you, my friends!

Here it is: somewhere in my education I was impreganted with the idea that car washing might be either too menly or too complicated for my little girl’s brain! So, everytime for the next  god-knows-how-many years, when I will wash my car this will give me a great feeling of happiness that no one will understand!

See, you’ve got to thank your parents for giving you the little joys of life 😉

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