Goodbyes, Itsi-bitsie and handovers

Strange title, aye? In fact this is my day in almost 3 words. Let me share it with you!

First a goodbye: my dearest friend left today our company after almost 9 years of work here. We’ve known each other at our first working place, back in 2004 and since then we’ve became friends, lunch-partners, occasionally fishing partners, family related, bi-directional therapists, philosophers and now ex-coworkers. I’ll miss him a lot, but I am glad for his new opportunity. Today I will allow myself to hate him!

Today when saying goodbye to him the team thought it would be nice to also say goodbye to me. So I’ve got a funny t-shirt with probably the only thing that will remain after me in about 6 months: Itsi-Bitsie. This is what I always say when some thing appears to be hard but i am sure they can handle it: ”it’s itsi-bitsie, go do it”.

So, today i did not only say goodbye to my last Mahican, but to the team that was for the past 2 year: MY team.

I am in the process of handing over the team to a bright new girl and i hate handovers. They are the moment when you shit your pants because you know you’ll have to explain everything and the bad parts will come out and you’ll feel horrible why they are there and you know that in her mind, the new girl will most of the time think: what a mess; because so many times before you thought it yourself.

You start to explain the history and context, you think at the good things, but the messed parts still bother you. And then a question pops up: why are they so bothering only now?

And there are also a lot of answers and I thought of them these past few days when I felt fear and defensiveness coming in, but today I decided to stop. How would I learn better than this? How would I discover my limits and mistakes better than this? Actually this is GREAT! It is great for the project, for the team, for the new team leader and also for me!

So I thought of something: maybe handover and change is the best way to learn about your mistakes.

I’ll sleep on this a few days 😉

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