Feeling down?

A friend asked me today what do I do when I have a day with low energy.

I replied this: every morning I make a conscious choice between being happy or being low. If I decide that all around me is in favor of being low then I let myself be low for one day, maybe two, but no more than that. If I have no reason for being low than I’d better shake my ass and get me in a good mood.

There are only a few reasons that for me worth as candidates for being low:
1. physical illness of anybody I love ( including me)
2. very serious fight with somebody very dear
3. a mistake I’ve made because I did not pay enough attention at the proper moment
4. jeans not fitting me cause I’ve eaten too much..again

Bottom line is very simple: we choose everyday how we want to be in that day and what are the things that really matter.

I choose to be happy, because I have absolutely no SERIOUS reason not to be!